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Service Provider for Building Contract Review Program




CS Architects & Property Services (CSAPS) is an Authorised Service Provider for the Building Contract Review Program (BCRP) administered by NSW iCare.


BCRP is designed to help builders take on new or larger, more complex projects.

For more information regarding the BCRP, please refer to the iCare website.


If you are a residential builder, you may be required to participate in the BCRP as a condition of obtaining eligibility with the iCare Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF).

If you have already been assessed as eligible but you would like to change your eligibility profile, the BCRP may help you develop the skills and experience required to take on larger and more complex residential building projects.

The BCRP assists new entrants to the building industry, as well as existing small to medium builders without demonstrated experience for proposed projects.


As a Service Provider CSAPS will:


    review contract documents for a project to ensure that you provide a detailed budget that includes a gross margin that is reasonable for the project type, size, value and other project requirements

    determine a schedule of performance reviews, including site inspections, to ensure your supervision and contract administration is appropriate

    make sure the project is running to budget and contracted completion date

    undertake reviews and report on the progress or development of your competence relating to specific areas that have been reviewed.  A written report is provided to both Corporate Scorecard, the Eligibility Risk Manager, and yourself.


How BCRP Works:


You may be required to take part in the BCRP if all other relevant financial and non-financial requirements are met for HBCF eligibility, and you:

    have never contracted and completed construction of a new single dwelling or alteration project for a homeowner

    are proposing to contract a larger or more complex project than your experience supports, or

    have never before contracted with a developer and completed a construction of a multi-unit project while working as the key manager within a building business.

The BCRP is also appropriate where the gross margins of the builder are an issue of concern. The program can assist a builder to adequately price contracts and test actual costs against budget.


If BCRP participation is required, it is a condition of your eligibility for each individual project above a certain contract price, usually $50,000 (GST inclusive) or a higher amount.

It is not a condition for contracts under $50,000 or the alternative amount prescribed by the Eligibility Risk Manager.

Builders don’t need to engage a BCRP service provider until a certificate of insurance is required for a project.

The builder should factor the likely cost of BCRP participation into preparation of a quote or tender with the homeowner.

Home Warranty Insurance (HWI) certificates for projects subject to BCRP participation are not issued until the BCRP service provider has signed off the Component 1,2,3 of the program.

CSAPS can assess builder’s contract documents and sign off the Comp1,2,3 Report that a builder can obtain HWI.


How to apply and fees:


If you have checked that you require BCRP you can apply to CSAPS for a quote, please download the following:

1. BCRP Request for Quotation form

2. HBCF Project Application All Work excluding Multiple Dwelling Form

3. HBCF Project Application Multiple Dwelling Form


You are required to complete all sections of the forms, and in particular the Description of the Project and the Construction Type for HBCF cover.  A copy of your signed contract (or the proposed contract with all the fields to be filled-in) and contract drawings are to be submitted. 

If you require any assistance in completing the forms, please consult your HBCF insurance broker or contact CSAPS at 0483 048 005.


Our fee quote will be sent to you for acceptance before we proceed.  Please note the BCRP fee should be included in the building contract.  If you have any questions about including the fee in the building contract please contact CSAPS on 0483 048 005.  Our fee quote is based on the size and complexity of your project which we correlate to an hourly rate and the number of Site Reviews required.  An indication of our BCRP fees for the whole project, in the past, average $2,164.  You will be invoiced for payment at commencement of each Component of the Program.


Once CSAPS is engaged by you, the Component Reports (after assessment) shall be issued to you as per the BCRP guidelines.


Complaints and Disputes:


In case of complaints, you should contact the BCRP Assessor at the first instance. If you are not satisfied, please escalate to the CSAPS Administration Manager.  If the issue is still not resolved, the Dispute Resolution procedure is to follow BCRP guidelines.